The Pilot

This is our analysis of the illustrations of Ozma of Oz by John R. Neill. I, Jared Davis, am joined by Alan Cook of Glasgow, Scotland, who is a professional illustrator, and Sam Milazzo of Maroubra, Australia, who is an art student and Oz fan.


Coming Soon…

I just finished recording another Skype call between Sam Milazzo, Al Cook, and myself. This time, it was a test version of my podcast idea, and we made it an audio edition of the John R. Neill - An Appreciation blogs. As Al is a professional illustrator, as well as a fan of Neill's artwork, and Sam has studied art to some degree (as well as having colored many Oz illustrations), I thought both would offer an interesting analysis on the subject at hand.

The book we chose was Ozma of Oz. We didn't do quite as much as we liked, Al had to cut out early (we got about a half-hour of him, though).

I'm not uploading it yet, because the audio may be out-of-sync (if it is, it is easily fixed, but you have to find where it goes out), there are gaps, and there are parts that don't apply to the topic at hand. In addition, I'll be adding an introduction and a closing statement.

Anyways, keep your eyes open, it'll be up soon.